Friday, July 29, 2016

Do The Trees Talk Eachother

Canadian ecologist Dr.Suzanne Simard spent her 30 years have led to an astounding discovery - trees talk with each other!!
  A professor of forest ecology at the University of British Columbia's Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences in Vancouver, Suzanne Simard studies the surprising and delicate complexity in nature. Her team's analysis revealed that fungi networks move water, carbon and nutrients such as nitrogen between and among trees as well as across species. The research has demonstrated that these complex, symbiotic networks in our forest - at the hub of which stand what she calls the "mother trees" - mimic our own neural and social networks. This groundbreaking work on symbiotic plant communication has far-reaching implications in both the forestry and agricultural industries, in particular concerning sustainable stewardship of forests and the plant's resistance to pathogens. She works primarily in forests, but also grasslands, wetlands, tundra and alpine ecosystems.


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