Saturday, February 22, 2014

Trade With me

Dear friends you may look for new trading tips. But I unable to update the site for long period. Now I write about the technical details of the stock discuss for day trading. You know that about 80% day traders are losers. Still the trader unable to refrain from the day trade. He always search for new ideas to explore the success. You know that a large number of trading tips provider work and they promise to give you good return over a given time period. According to my experience, they all just cheat you and you loss your money.
Let us look into this chart. Before you enter into trade it is require to understand my analysis and trade very very small volume. Continue the process till you understand the trick for entry and exit position. Then gradually increase the volume and be a master. It is not a market to earn but hopefully be an expert in trade in all weather. Friend I am not a very fond of STOCK FUTURES. So, all my analysis based on STOCK CASH segment only.

Friends You study the chart and analysis it. If you have any query then don't hesitate to comment.

Happy trading. 


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